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Rutgers Specialty Fiber Optics Building

Laboratory Overview

The Rutgers University Laboratory for the Development of Specialty Fiber Optics, under the direction of Dr. James A. Harrington, develops fiber optics for the transmission of infrared energy for a variety of sensor and power delivery applications. Professor Harrington has worked in all aspects of IR fiber optics, including fabrication, characterization, and applications. Since the inception of the laboratory in 1989, the specific research and development areas of interest have included:

  • Development of hollow glass waveguides (HGWs) laser power delivery, chemical sensing, and thermometry

  • Fiber optics for biomedical optics applications including laser surgery, PDT, and temperature sensing

  • Development of coherent HGW bundles for IR imaging

  • Development of hollow plastic waveguides for sensor applications

  • Design of new hollow waveguides, including photonic bandgap structures

  • Fabrication of single crystal sapphire, YAG, and spinel fibers using laser heated pedestal growth techniques

  • Over the past 15 years, we have pursued a variety of applications for our hollow glass waveguides in particular. Recently, Polymicro Technologies, LLC, a subsidiary of Molex, Inc. based in Phoenix, AZ, has licensed this technology from the Rutgers Specialty Fiber Optics Lab. For more information about our licensees and partners, visit the collaborations index.