New Features

Tuesday, 7/19/11

Please take the opportunity to browse some of our new and updated content sections, including:

Hollow Glass Waveguides

New to the site is a research subpage, a central location to display the major projects undertaken by Rutgers Specialty Fiber Optics. The research section features an updated Hollow Glass Waveguides (HGW) article, adapted from a journal publication. This multi-page overview discusses several topics which allow viewers to familiarize themselves with the basics of our HGW technology. These topics are:

  • Background
  • Properties
  • Laser Power Delivery
  • Applications
  • Practical Aspects
  • In addition to this article, links to PDF versions of recent Rutgers Specialty Fiber Optics HGW presentations are found on the HGW index page. This feature section will continue to be updated as more presentations and publications are made on our HGW technology.

    Single-crystal Fibers

    For the first time, the Rutgers Specialty Fiber Optics Website has a feature section for its other main undertaking: single-crystal fibers research. A complimentary section to the existing hollow glass waveguides article, a multi-page single-crystal fibers overview has been adapted from several publications submitted by Rutgers Specialty Fiber Optics. The topics covered by this article are:

  • Background
  • Properties
  • Laser-heated Pedestal Growth
  • Applications
  • As this is a new feature section, it will be expanded in the future with pictures, links to presentations, and updates in research content.

    About Us

    To improve access to our contact information and directions to our facilites, our group information section has been expanded. In addition to updating the existing lab overview and contact information subpages, subpages for facilities pictures and directions to our building have been added. Check out each of these pages in our improved About Us section:

  • Research Group
  • Properties
  • Contact Us
  • Directions
  • Collaborations

    The Collaborations index is another new section to the Rutgers Specialty Fiber Optics website. This index more prominently features our proud licensees and partners. To read about these licensees and partners and to find contact information, visit the subpages listed below:

  • Licensees
  • Partners
  • Books

    An updated Resources section is also part of the Rutgers University Fiber Optics Website redesign. Included in this update is an improved Books section, which features Infrared Fibers and Their Applications, authored by Dr. Harrington and "Infrared Fibers," a chapter of OSA Handbook of Optics, Volume V. written by Dr. Harrington. To read more about the books and for links to the publishers, browse these links:

  • Infrared Fibers and Their Applications
  • "Infrared Fibers"
  • Journal Publications

    The Jounal Publications subpage has been reorganized and updated. Click on an individual title to download a single article, or click on the link at the top of the page to download the whole publications archive as a .zip file.

    The redesign of the Rutgers Specialty Fiber Optics website is now complete. Thank you for your patience during this process. If you encounter any broken links or missing pages, or if you have any questions or comments about the website, please e-mail or